Painting Contractors Somerset West Increase the Value of Property


Painting is an affordable way of giving a complete facelift to your house. Once the interior and exterior surfaces of your property are painted, the entire building begins to look fresh, clean and new. The main benefit of painting, in addition to enhancing the visual appeal of the space, is that it increases the value of your property. So, how does that work? More importantly, is it worth spending time and investing money on getting the property painted? In other words, should you hire a professional paint contractor?

Research And Statistics

In a recent yearlong study conducted on the effects of different home improvement activities on the overall value of the house, it was found that painting offers one of the best returns on the investment.

More specifically, kitchen renovation boosted the house value and gave 80 percent return of investment. Bathroom renovation offered lesser returns. On the other hand, adding a pool or portico in the house or renovating the loft boosted the value by nearly 40 percent.

Among the various home improvement tasks, the two activities that provided consistent returns on investment were found to be painting and moldings. In fact, on average, painting provides a return of over 141 percent, which implies that it increases the value of the house significantly.

Let’s take a look at the different ways in which painting your home enhances property value.

Visual Appeal

When you sell a home, the first impression that prospective buyers have on the house is very important. It might either tilt them in favor of or against purchasing the house. By hiring exterior painter services and giving your house a fresh layer of paint, you can create the first positive impression and take a step closer to selling it.

The Ambiance

You can change the ambiance of the house based on the colors used for painting. You can make it look welcoming and cozy or formal and elegant. Based on the locality where the house is located, consider the type of clientele that your property is likely to have. Choose appropriate colors and create the right kind of ambiance.

In fact, by the use of appropriate colors, you can create an illusion of spaciousness and brightness in the room. You can talk to a skilled painter about the color choice. This also enhances the value of the house.

Bargaining Power

Painting your property and making it look new gives you enormous bargaining power. In other words, it puts the ball in your court. After a recommended paint contractors Somerset West works on your house, you can be more confident in quoting a good price and bargaining on it because your house looks new and well maintained.

Using non-toxic paints enhances your property’s curb appeal, promotes the durability of the property, hides marks on the surfaces and protects external and internal surfaces. All these factors add to an increase in the value of the property. So, hire a painter and make better profits out of your property.